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Climate and Environmental Solutions

The carbon-based economy, the unrestricted exploitation of natural resources and other human actions have caused climate change and other environmental disasters. These are already and will more evidently in the next years dearly affect the conditions of human life on earth, especially for the poorer. We seek to increase awareness on environmental issues, fostering respect, protection and preservation of the ecosystem, for the survival and dignity of people. We promote the use of renewable energy and other sustainable practices both at a local and international level, to develop solutions for sustainable development.

Science and Society

Science is the key for technological advancements, from electric cars to cell phones, or for the development of drugs, to mention only a few applications. However, science is still too much detached from the real needs of a society urging to find sustainable development alternatives and to reduce the gap between the few ones who can benefit from the last technological advances and all the others.

Social Engagement

We believe that every person must have the same opportunities, regardless of financial situation, race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, immigration status or any other aspect of identity. We foster social exchange, human interaction, solidarity, and activities intended to reinforce the belonging to the community, include minorities and suppress marginalisation. We seek to reduce inequality, promoting activities raising awareness of discriminations and favouring inclusion.

I.N.S.Ide. is a non-profit association founded by two scientists and an entrepreneur, with the common goal of finding new solutions to promote and implement sustainable development, sustainable tourism, favour social inclusion, raise awareness on climate change and pursue novel economically sustainable solutions both at a national and an international level. As founders, we bring into the association our personal experiences, thus combining Academia, non-profit and entrepreneurship with the aim of connecting the private sector and the non-profit to finally heal the rift between business and sustainability.
We intend to approach the challenge by two sides: on the one hand by building a network inclusive of the private sector and the non-profit; on the other hand by promoting education, critical thinking and improving learning outcomes, especially for marginalised or discriminated groups of people.


We want to apply business strategies to sustainability, thus making them economically advantageous and implement models concerning thematics usually prerogative of the non-profit with an entrepreneurship approach. We seek to build an effective network to connect experts from Academia, associations already active on the local level, private companies, public institutions and the media, to join the forces towards the common aim: implement new models for sustainable development at local and global level, fostering circular economy, sustainable tourism, cooperative models of living and regional innovation.

Critical Thinking

It is our strong belief that education is central for well-being, and that critical thinking is a fundamental tool to fight against politics merely directed to economic growth, disregarding human dignity, social equality and environmental impact. Moreover, science and the scientific method are key to build sustainable development alternatives and more resilient societies.

Chiara Cardelli

Chiara Cardelli is a recent PhD graduate in computational physics and expert in Science Communication practices. Since October 2018, she works as Science Communication Manager at the research institute IQOQI-Vienna. Between 2014 and 2018, she worked at the same time as research assistant at the University of Vienna and as project manager for the scientific education and communication programs at the NGO Sunshine4Palestine, thereby designing and organising several projects in the West Bank. She is interested and collaborated in projects and workshops in science communication, renewable energies, water quality and sanitation, gender issues in STEM, climate change and environmental protection.

Paolo Fontani

Born in Florence, Paolo lived and worked in several cities all over Italy. Paolo started his career as organiser of events, specialising over the years in cultural projects and organisations (mainly theater and dance). During this career stage, he worked on many projects both at Italian and European level. In 2015 he founded EveyGroup, a communication and website development company. In 2018 he founded INSIde, to finally realise his dream of employing his business insights and skills for non-profit purposes.

Francesca Nerattini

Francesca Nerattini has a bachelor and a master degree in Chemistry (University of Florence) and a PhD in computational Physics (University of Vienna). During her PhD, she worked for the N.G.O. Sunshine4Palestine, as project manager for the scientific education and communication programs in the West Bank. She was also involved in several projects regarding gender issues, particularly focusing on women in STEM. Francesca is interested and took part in workshops in science communication, renewable energies, water quality and sanitation.

Ideas Out Of Isolation

Our project about Covid

A project created as a platform to collect thoughts that this particular experience of the COVID-19 pandemic suggests us, so that the current situation also becomes an opportunity to learn and re-evaluate our choices and ideas from human, social, economic and political perspectives

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We believe that new ideas and a constant flow of them can help us to improve our association and make our goals come realities. For this reason everybody who wants to share new ideas with us is very welcome. Each one of us can make small changes in our lives, but together we can change the world!

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